Reading QR Augmented

QR Augmented

QR Augmented is an augmented reality mobile application (for iOS and Android) which is used to scan QR, barcodes or logos and the information related to that barcode or logo is then augmented on the mobile screen. The information can be anything from a text, a video clip of the advertisement to even a 2D or a 3D animated figure.

This application offers marketing opportunity for corporate vendors to advertise their promotions and hot deals through this application. Users can then just install the application and simply point their mobile camera to the barcode on the product packaging, the logo published in a newspaper, a computer screen or on an advertisement board, and the application will then start displaying the interactive content right-away on their mobile phone.

Project Highlights:
  • Objective C, Android, Restfull webservices, XCode tool.
  • CoreAnimation API to animate the views and other visual elements.
  • CoreAudio API to handle all aspects of audio on iOS and OS X platforms.
  • Zbar Library and RedLaser for scanning bar codes from various sources, such as video streams, image files and raw intensity sensors.
  • EAGLView to visualize 3D objects.