Reading JiggerZ


"JiGGerZ" is a next generation mobile application that allows you to remain in contact with your friends at all times. JiGGerZ notifies you about the exact current location of your friends. You can checkpoint certain locations to receive alerts whenever someone from your circle of friends reaches there. It might be the case that you are at a place nearby your friend-alert zone, so you could surprise him/her with an unexpected meet up.

JiGGerZ also offers push based marketing opportunity for corporate vendors to advertise their promotions and hot deals. Users can set vendor based alerts to grab their exciting offers. JiGGerZ presents a web portal for vendors to manage their contents.

JiGGerZ's architecture is highly extensible and customizable that so as to fulfill each and every need for a diverse set of clients. It is flexible enough to easily adapt to any of the underlying technologies (like database, application server, etc). JiggerZ can also handle and meet the demands of enterprise level customers by scaling the tiers up to any extent. Mainly it’s built on service oriented architecture (SOA), and various clients like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows phone and web browser can be used to provide interface based services.

Project Highlights:
  • Server is deployed at Amazon cloud to enhance the scalability.
  • Numerous APIs like location API, map API is being used to discover locations.
  • Facebook API and Email API for sharing images, text messages and locations.
  • Apple Push Notification Service to obtain notifications that comprise badges and custom alerts.