Reading AdShow


AdShow is a complete suite of digital signage software system that includes a Constructor, Player, Updater, Launcher and Basic Controller. Ad Show Signage software suite allows composing, editing and display of multimedia content for distribution to different screens on remote locations. The application is an ideal information display solution for Government, Transportation, Education, Entertainment, Retail, Hospitality and Advertisement Sectors. To name a few aspects in which the "Ad Show Signage" can be used for:

  • Internal information on companies, organizations or authorities.
  • Advertising on buses, trains and airports, in stores or malls.
  • Information on hotels, hospitals, railroads stations, towns, exhibitions and museums to facilitate the public.
  • Net Technologies and cloud based system
Project Highlights:
  • Net Technologies and cloud based system
  • Multi Lingual support
  • Encryption/Decryption using RSA algorithm.
  • Document management using SAAS.
  • SNMP based communication.
  • RSS Reader to read live news feed from the web and write it to the text files which are then copied to a central location (FTP server) and downloaded by Players.
  • Dependency Creator to parse XML presentation files and create list of dependency files.
  • VLC, Microsoft DirectX, DirectShow for rendering videos.
  • RS232 for screen monitoring.