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GPS Application Development

Like other new technological advancements, GPS didn’t take long to embrace the masses. Simply put, GPS is a navigation system that allows you to find out exact location with the stroke of just one key, more of an automated map. And since, every phone comes with GPS facility embedded today, GPS integration has become an integral part of application development.

Intagleo Systems, with its expert team of GPS technology developers, offers fast tracking and navigation systems for both, mobile and web platform. Since 2007, we have been providing GPS application development services to clients across diverse sectors. Being one of the leading GPS development companies in the UK, Intagleo has helped out market verticals ranging from telecommunication and transportation to government bodies.


From social media based mobile applications like Jiggerz to complex SON based web applications, we have developed state of art GPS applications that boast of following features:

  • Google & Bing Maps Integration
  • Automatic Rerouting
  • Customized Fonts, Colors, Icons on Map using GIS files
  • Voice Guidance
  • Navigation using Longitude and Latitude

Why Intagleo?

We offer customized GPS development solutions that are designed to suits your needs and to help you reach your goals. Our team of developers is adept in using the latest tools and technology to create high-quality offline-maps, location based mobile application and social networking apps.

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We've been working with Intagleo, since 2007 spanning several vital projects that are supporting us around the world by bringing innovation, integrity, intelligence and technical expertise to our business operations. We very much appreciate the talent resources which Intagleo brings to us.

Vice President Information Technology
Since switching to Intagleo's outsourcing services about 2 years ago, my team was able to utilize the expertise and agility of a true outsourced partner to accomplish our projects faster and get the right level of support when needed.

Vice President of Technology
Intagleo team has continually streamlined our operations and produced significant cost savings in our normal IT spend. We could not be more pleased with their service and the results they have achieved.

President and CEO
Intagleo is truly our trusted IT partner. Their strategic guidance and technical Teams expertise has enabled us to extend our capabilities far beyond what we could have imagined.

Director Web Services
Most impressive thing about Intagleo is the sense of determination they have. Whenever I ask them to do a difficult task, they stand up and say they will do it, they'll move heaven and earth to make sure the job is done. The integrity and Team commitment that's been proved to me is extremely gratifying.

Director Information Technology
High quality - good communications - objective oriented and a strong desire to ensure the job is done correctly. This team thinks outside of the box when called for and follows directions to the letter. Cost to value ratio is very good.

Chief Technology Officer